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Wolff Striker Spring S&W Sigma 3-1/2 lb Reduced Power

Produktnummer: 295637
Produsent: Wolff Gunsprings
Produsentens produktnr.: 30085
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These reduced power striker springs reduce the trigger pull weight, increasing trigger control and shooting accuracy.

Technical Information

Material: Premium Spring Steel

Features: Quality replacement springs

Gunsmithing Required: Requires disassembly and assembly for installation (see below)

  • Product usage may vary with application

  • Remove the slide. On the underside of the slide, the striker is protruding out of a slot which is opposite the rear sight.
  • The plate on the back of the slide is held in place by a plastic tubular part that also surrounds the rear of the striker.
  • Take a small brass punch and insert it straight into the underside of the striker, in the notched portion of the striker.
  • Slide the punch in so that the tip can be levered onto the plastic sleeve surrounding the striker.
  • Move the handle of the punch toward the rear of the slide, which will lever the plastic sleeve forward, toward the muzzle.
  • By looking into the slot in the slide, you should see the plastic piece move slightly away from the back plate.
  • Holding the punch in place, the back plate can be slid toward the bottom of the slide. This will take some effort, as the plate is holding the extractor spring.
  • When the plate is removed, the striker and assembly can be removed rearward.
  • Push the striker spring away from the firing pin tip. The spring is held on by two circular white plastic collars. They will drop off. The spring can then be removed by sliding forward.
  • Install the Wolff striker spring and hold it toward the striker so that the two white collars can be inserted, which will then hold the new spring in place.
  • Slide the striker assembly into the slide, use a punch to lever the plastic sleeve forward as with disassembly.
  • Slide the back plate into the slide. The extractor spring will have to be held into the slide so the plate can be fully inserted. This spring has a great deal of tension.
  • Reassemble the slide to the frame.

  • Test fire the handgun. The Wolff striker spring is lighter than stock, and some ammunition may not function, specifically if the ammunition has hard primers.

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